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Our speech language pathologists are trained in argumentative and alternative communication (ACC) techniques, such as speech generating devices, communication boards, computer activities, and picture exchange communication systems. We strive to identify the most appropriate communication system for your family to achieve optimal relationships and interaction at home, school, and in the community.


Our speech therapy department is trained to offer the following services:


• Early intervention

• Expressive language therapy

• Receptive language therapy

• Pragmatic language therapy

• LIPS: The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing  

  Program for reading

• Therapeutic listening program

• Articulation and phonological disorders


• Bilingual speech / language therapy

• Social skills – groups and individual therapy

• Augmentative communication therapy

• Consultation services

• Parent and family training

• “It takes two to talk” - Hanen Program

• “More than words” – Hanen Program

Child & Family Consultants Inc strives to identify the most appropriate and effective communication system for your family to achieve optimal relationships and interaction at home, school, and in the community.

We’ll set realistic goals for your child and help the family achieve those goals.


Our team of speech language Pathologists offer evaluation and treatment of language disorders, reading disorders, auditory processing disorders, and oral motor dysfunction. Treatment involves parents either through participation in the session or through observation windows. Parents are encouraged to be active participants in therapy to reach optimal success for their child.


An individual treatment plan is developed by the therapist and parents to identify communciation goals that are realistic for their child at home and at school. Consultation with other therapists involved with the child is encouraged, such as occuational therpists, physical therapists, teachers, and caregivers.


Pediatric sessions are geared toward establishing relationships through play for appropriate interactions and social skills. Therapists are trained to follow the child’s lead in activities, so the child is encouraged to participate within their comfort level.

Our team of therapists also offers services for feeding / swallowing difficulties for both children and adults. Therapeutic dining is often used to assist in a natural environment and generalization of newly learned skills.