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Our speech language pathologists are trained in argumentative and alternative communication (ACC) techniques, such as speech generating devices, communication boards, computer activities, and picture exchange communication systems. We strive to identify the most appropriate communication system for your family to achieve optimal relationships and interaction at home, school, and in the community.




Maximize your child’s functionality both at home and school!

Child & Family Consultants Inc will coordinate parent training with speech and occupational therapies, physicians, and psychiatrists and it’s proven to do just that!

Children in therapy frequently exhibit attention problems, anxiety, developmental delays, behavorial problems, sensory issues and/or medical concerns. Coordinating parent training with speech and occuapational therapies, physicians and psychiatrists has proven an effective means to maximize a child’s functioning at both home and school.

The experienced psychotherapists at Child & Family Consultants Inc provide comprehensive mental health services for individuals, couples, families, infancies, children and adolescents. Click the side arrow to learn more about our mental health services or call 321-768-6800 to schedule an appointment.

Provide comprehensive mental health services



The class required by the court for divorcing parents “Children of Divorce” is offered several times a month by our licensed therapists. The class addresses typical responses of children to the divorce process and information about individual children’s needs as they learn to cope with changes in family structures. In addition, the class examines how to move out of adversarial positions into new parenting roles for the continued nurture of children involved in divorce or custody issues.


Our psychotherapists are experienced in:

Individuals, couples, families, infants, children, and adolescents receive mental health services from our experienced psychotherapists. Our mental health personnel are licensed in psychology, marriage, and family therapy, mental health counseling and clincal social work. Therapy that involves children typically includes parents and/or caregivers who have daily interactions with the child.

• Psyshoclogical testing

• Play and art therapies

• Process Communication Management


• Cognitive Behavorial Therapy

• Crisis Intervention

• Sex therapy


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Clients also see therapy related to issues of concern to women, sexuality issues, adjustment to illness, depression, and axiety.

Our mental health & counseling services:


• Marriage and family counseling therapy

• Couples therapy

• Children of divorce counseling

• “Children of Divorce” classes (3x’s a month)

• Behavioral health